Historical Preservation Selection Criteria


1. Is the building on the National Historic Register?
2. Is the property eligible for listing on the National Historic Register ?
3. Is the property on the State Historic Register?
4. Is the property eligible for listing on the State Historic Register ?
5. Has the property been included in the local Survey of Historic Properties?
6. If it is not on the survey, has it been selected for the Survey of Historic Properties?
7. Is the property in danger of being demolished?
8. Are there potential archeological artifacts at the site?
9. Has the property been noted in published histories of the town or county?
10. Has a demolition delay been placed on the property?
11. Is there a realistic chance of restoring the property?
12. Are there other potential uses for the property, which could benefit the town?
13. Could the building be converted for affordable housing use while still retaining
its' historic quality ?
14. Is the property part of an historic area or district in the town ?
15. Is the owner also interested in preserving the historic integrity of the property ?
16. Is there an opportunity for other matching funding to preserve the property?
17. Are there any particularly important historic aspects about the property such as murals ?
18. Was a known architect of the era involved in the design of the structure?
19. Did the property ever play a documented role in the history of the town?