Historic Register


Completion of the MHC Survey

The Massachusetts Historical Commission requires that each town compile and maintain an inventory of the community's historic assets. The inventory should be comprehensive and representative of all periods through the 1950s. It should be representative of the buildings, sites, and structures that are historically, architecturally, archaeologically, or culturally significant to the town. The MHC must have such information on file in order to defend historic properties from adverse effect caused by publicly funded projects. Completion of the historic property inventory is also basic to all long-range planning activities entered into by the town. Each survey includes a detailed history of the structure based upon deed research as well as the study of other historical documents.
Forty-five properties in Georgetown have already been surveyed through efforts of the members of the commission. Twenty-six additional properties have been identified as particularly historically significant and worthy of inclusion in the inventory. We are recommending that Community Preservation funds be expended to hire a preservationist consultant to complete the survey. The consultant would also complete the formal application for the inclusion of the Brocklebank House on the National Register of Historic Properties. This Brocklebank museum is considered by many to be the oldest house in Georgetown and historically significant in both a pre-Revolutionary War context and the era of the Underground Railroad.