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Open Space Criteria for Parcel Selection

The following questions should be asked with respect to any potential Open Space parcel being considered. A point is given for each affirmatively answered question. Parcels can thus be prioritized by their total point scores.

Within a delineated Zone I
Within a delineated Zone II
Within 1000 feet of a wellhead area
Would enhance protection of a wellhead area
Contributory to wellhead area
Completely in water resource district
Partially in water resource district
Contributory to water resource district
Wetland protection
Certified vernal pool protection
Certifiable vernal pool protection
Stream and bank protection
Area of Critical Environmental Concern
Rare species ranging area
Rare species breeding grounds
Endangered species locale
Threatened species locale
Species of special concern locale
Would contribute to a Greenway
Forested land
Would enhance protection of any FEMA designated floodway
Will purchase protect other parcels?
Abuts protected land
Abuts protected land on more than one side
At risk for development
Listed for sale
Past proposal for development
Matching grants
Wildlife habitat
Significant wildlife habitat
Historic significance
Old foundations
Rock walls
Old roads
Scenic vistas
Passive recreation possibilities
Contains over 20 acres