Recreational Path

The following is excerpted from the Recreational Path committee's project request to the Community Preservation Committee.


Georgetown Recreational Path Committee
Dick Paganelli - chair
Dick Boucher- member
Bob Morehouse - member
Jim Page – member
Alana Schmitt – Volunteer
Teri Roche – Volunteer
Shaun Roche - Volunteer

Who is the Georgetown Recreational Path Committee?
The committee is a Georgetown committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  The current committee was formed in March of 2003 to determine the feasibility of developing a recreational pathway along 4.6 miles of the power line transmission & former railway corridor.

What is the committee’s mission?
To enrich Georgetown’s community and countryside by creating a public trail from former rail lines and connecting corridors.

What is our goal?
To create a tangible community asset used for recreation, transportation, health, conservation, revitalization and connectivity.

Possible uses (all non-motorized) for the path include:

Our Request?
We’d like to receive financial support from Georgetown CPC under the Recreational Land use  category.

Please allocate funding to the Georgetown Recreational Path Committee as seed money for developing our plans and to pursue this important and beneficial issue.  We request $30,000 from the Georgetown CPA funds.  We plan to use this money during the next 12-18 months as follows: