Additional funds are requested to advance the 4 ½ mile rail-trail to a point where the project qualifies for Federal Transportation Enhancement funds.  If successful,  the funding will be 90% federal and 10 % local for final design and construction.  Also the Georgetown segment is an active participant in a regional  initiative to create a 26 mile rail-trail that will include Salisbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Georgetown, Boxford, Topsfield, Wenham, and Danvers currently referred to as the “Border to Boston”  trail.  This Border to Boston concept is a Federal high priority, earmarked project (SAFETEA-LU),  which has $680, 000 also available. We are actively seeking a share.  Our projected share will lessen the amount requested of the CPC.

The Recreational Path Committee has engaged the Hauber Law Office, Salem, MA; and title report is due December 8th.  We have also received RFP returns for the conceptual design and feasibility study and will notify the preferred firm before December 8th to commence the work.

The funds will be used for: additional title services for properties with issues;  legal fees for licensing/lease,  and easement development; engineering services to create a 25% design, and contingency.


Additional details and final project suggestion

Border to Boston Implementation Plan