Union Cemetery Fence - Diligence

The Historic Union Cemetery located on East Main Street in Georgetown ( identified on the Georgetown Historic and Cultural Resources Map as Key C ) currently has a chain link fence dating from the 1960's which is in a state of advanced disrepair. In 2004, at the Annual Town Meeting, the Georgetown Historical Commission asked the voters for and was granted funding from Community Preservation Funds to replace the current chain link fence with a more period-appropriate wrought iron fence. Since that time, various legal issues have arisen which have delayed the installation of the new fence. In an effort to fianlize these issues and see to it that the fence project is properly implemented as approved, the Community Preservation Committee has voted to add this current article as its way of maintaining due diligence to achieve the stated wishes of the voters. This current appropriation request includes costs associated with determining the lot lines of the property boundaries; costs associated with the revival of the Union Cemetery Corporation; and current cost feasibility inquiries with respect to the delay of the implementation of the previously approved project.