Open Space Land Aquisition


The Hampshire Woods Parcels

A total of 46 combined acres consisting of forested woodlands, fields, wetland areas and walking trails. A pristine, completely natural, undeveloped swath of land that will provide tranquil, serene surroundings, as well as beautiful scenery for those who walk its varied and easily traversed trails. By acquiring this combination of parcels the town will be getting lands that lie just north of our aquifer protection area, within approximately 1000 feet of two of the town's wells.

In addition to preserving this majestic area simply to augment protection of our aquifer for the drinking water of future generations of townspeople, it will also safeguard the habitat for some of the town's most important wildlife. With over 200 species of biota already documented in the area these parcels are critical not only to some of Georgetown's more common species but to some that are state listed as threatened in the Commonwealth.

Finally, if protecting our aquifer and safeguarding a wildlife habitat aren't reasons enough to purchase this property, the historic value alone should be enough to compel us to preserve this area. The remains of Federal City are located here, and archeological excavations have uncovered artifacts dating back to the 18th century. A little bit of Georgetown's history resides in these woods.

Although the purchase price is not yet agreed upon we should keep in mind that the townspeople's contribution to the CPA funds are matched dollar for dollar annually. The state EOEA Self-Help grant will be applied for, and if awarded, will pay for up to 50 percent of our CPA outlay via a reimbursement. In the end, Georgetown taxpayers' contribution will effectively be only 25 cents per dollar of the purchase price. With the Self-Help grant, in addition to the CPA match, the state will be providing 75 percent of the funding.

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